We Guarantee to Pay the Most for Your Coins!

We buy American, Mexican, Canadian, and foreign gold and silver coins. We will pay a high collector value for these items. Coins can either be “regular strike” or “proof”. A proof coin is one specifically intended for collectors.

Proof coins are struck on highly-polished or new dies and are often struck multiple times so that the designs have more detail than typical coins. Proofs are usually more reflective or mirror-like appearance. Regular strike coins (or “business strike”) are intended for use as currency so have been touched by human hands, struck by the dies a single time, and as much care is not given to polishing or preserving.

We will buy just about any coin recognized by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). Please bring us your:

  • Half cents
  • Large cents
  • Small cents
  • Two cent
  • Silver three cent pieces
  • Nickel three cent
  • Nickel five cent
  • Half dimes
  • Dimes
  • Twenty cent pieces
  • Quarter dollars
  • Half dollars
  • Silver dollars
  • Gold dollars
  • Quarter eagles
  • Three dollar gold pieces
  • Four dollar gold pieces (stellas)
  • Half eagles (five dollar)
  • Eagles
  • Double eagles

What determines the value of my old coins?

When it comes to coins, bring it into the experts at Precious Metals Refining Company. There are many factors used when we evaluate a coin’s value. The key factors are the exact date, mint mark and condition of the coin. These factors can determine any coin’s value.

Book Value vs Current Market Value or True Value

True value and market value is what a willing buyer is wanting to pay. Price guides and books can’t keep up with demand trends or prices… please understand a buyer is offering cash! Some can be rare however harder to sell than other coins. The risk is always to the buyer, and for this reason prices can vary from book prices and grade sheets. Something’s value is what someone is willing to pay. Please view our coin grading guide and pictures below. If you have coins we want to see them! Call or come in today!

Collector – Coin Grading Guide

G-4 Good – Heavily worn, with design visible but faint in areas. Many details are flat.

VG-8 Very Good – Well worn with main features clear and bold, although rather flat

VF-20 Very Fine – Moderate wear on high points of design. All major details are clear.

EF-40 Extremely Fine – Light wear on design throughout, but all features sharp and well defined., Traces of luster may show.

AU-50 About Uncirculated – Traces of light wear on many of the high points. At least half of the mint luster is still present.

MS-60 Uncirculated – Has no trace of wear but may show a number of contact marks, and surface may be spotted or lack some luster.

MS-63 Choice Uncirculated – Has some distracting contact marks or blemishes in prime focal areas. Luster may be impaired.

MS-65 Gem Uncirculated – An above average uncirculated coin that may be brilliant or lightly toned and that has very few contact marks on the surface or rim.

MS-70 Perfect Uncirculated – Perfect new condition, showing no trace of wear. The finest quality possible, with no evidence of scratches, handling, or contact with other coins. Very few regular-issue coins are ever found in this condition.

PF-60 Proof– Surface may have several contact marks, hairlines, or light rubs. Luster may be dull and eye appeal lacking.

PF-63 – Choice Proof – Reflective surfaces with only a few blemishes in secondary focal places. No major flaws.

PF-65 – Gem Proof – Brilliant surfaces with no noticeable blemishes or flaws. A few scattered, barely noticeable marks or hairlines.

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